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Gore Ultimate Soldier

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 Gore: US Demo 1.47

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PostSubject: Gore: US Demo 1.47   Gore: US Demo 1.47 EmptySun Jan 19, 2020 2:32 pm

Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u10

Enjoy the multiplayer version of this fast-paced FPS, complete with a variety
of exciting mode and plenty of maps

First-person shooters are fun because they usually provide the players with a challenge when it comes to making proper use of the weapons. However, the A.I. in the campaign mode is no match for a real human being, so a multiplayer mode is implemented most of the time. This way, you can enjoy the same mechanics and see whether you are better at the game than your friends are.

Enjoy hefty collection of weapons
Gore: Ultimate Soldier is a fast-paced first-person shooter akin to Quake or Unreal Tournament, although it tries very hard to push its own ideas through as well. In essence, the core formula is more or less the same as it is in the other mentioned titles, but there are some differences you must take into consideration before declaring it the same with some of the most successful shooters out there.

The action takes place in the future as well, just like in the other games, but the environments are not at all familiar, at least not a first glance. Powerful futuristic weapons are spread around the maps and you must use them to eviscerate the enemies you happen to stumble across. There are not too many original ideas, but the game makes up for it through the massive amounts of content.

Enjoy a long list of game modes
In case you get tired of the classic deathmatch rounds, the game provides you with a lot more interesting options, as well as the also-classic team deathmatch and capture the flag. However, you can also take part in cooperative matches against the artificial intelligence, or choose to play ‘Tactical’ matches and enjoy a much more complex experience, including limited ammo, infiltration operations, and assaults.

Technically, the game looks about as good as technology allowed back when it was first released, although it could have used a bit more polish even then. The environments look well, however, as do the weapons and the character models that serve as the players. In addition, adrenaline-inducing music always plays in the background, which does wonders for the atmosphere.

A solid multiplayer experience for the fans of the genre
When it’s all said and done, Gore: Ultimate Soldier should be exactly what you expect if you are familiar with Quake and Unreal Tournament. However, it is certainly not as refined as those titles, even if the developers tried pretty hard to implement the same mechanics into their own game.

Limited gameplay

OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
CPU: PIII-750/AMD Athlon 750
RAM: 128Mb
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse
Graphics: 32Mb AGP Video Card

Download Gore Demo 1.47

Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u10
Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u11
Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u12
Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u13
Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u14
Gore: US Demo 1.47 Gore-u15
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Gore: US Demo 1.47
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