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 Basic texture editing ( Eng )

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Basic texture editing ( Eng ) Empty
PostSubject: Basic texture editing ( Eng )   Basic texture editing ( Eng ) EmptyFri Jan 17, 2020 9:44 pm

Basic texture editing ( Eng )

So today I will acquaint you with the basic editing of textures in the game GORE SE / US. Editing textures is not a difficult process, but there are some features in terms of supporting colors and texture sizes :

Gore Ultimate Soldier support only 24-bit textures with original resolution. ( Example : if textures have resolution 64x64, you should not change this, and then it will work fine ).
Gore Special Edition support 24,32-bit textures with change resolution ( so if you have texture 128x128 and change it to 512x512 it will work).
WARNING : Changed Texture must have original aspect ratio!!!

WARNING 2: Don’t forget about backups!!!

The textures in the game can be divided into the following categories :

1) Map and mapobjects textures (Gore folder/Textures)

2) Interface textures (Gore folder/gorerules/interface/client)

3) Models and model effects textures (Gore folder/models)

For start editing this we need two programs:

1) The old Xnview, which supports dmt, you can find it on our site.

2) Converter to dmt. Its name Remap.exe, you can find it in game folder.

So we are all set. first, we'll select the texture for editing, I would recommend to pratice on weapon textures. Open the selected texture with Xnview and converted it to PNG (File -> Save as -> Portable Network Graphics). The resulting file I recommend to edit with PaintNET or Adobe Photoshop. Then you finished editing, save the file as PNG 24 bit for GORE US or 24,32 bit for GORE SE.

Now go to the second and final part of the editing. To covert the PNG file back to DMT we need to use remap.exe. But firstly I recommend to creat shortcut of this tool. When you convert a file using a shortcut, then the finished dmt file will be near remap.exe. Cut the resulting dmt file and replace original file.

And finally start game and have fun =)

Created by FLOMASTER ( SATCHEL –Popz- in game )
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Basic texture editing ( Eng )
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