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 Gore Test

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PostSubject: Gore Test    Gore Test      EmptyThu Jan 09, 2020 7:00 pm


Gore Test      110


Gore Test 1 - DOWNLOAD - 42.4 MB

This release has two purposes:
First to provide a demonstration of Gore Muliplayer features for gamers around the world.
Secondly to provide a means of extensive hardware compatibility testing.

If you are unfamiliar with Gore, a few key features are:
Unique player classes.
Stamina system.
Some weapons attack other players stamina, rendering them unconscious.
Armor blocks all damage until it is destroyed.
Armor types include head armor, body armor and leg armor.
Accurate damage mapping on characters.
Head and chest are most vulnerable, then legs and arms.
Destroyable items. Weapons, ammo, health kits, crates and more can all be destroyed, some of them causing damage to unsuspecting players about to grab an item.
Defensive weaponry.
Multiple weapon fire modes.
Team Play.

Gore Test 1 Patch 1.25 - DOWNLOAD - 500 KB

4D Rulers have released a 1.25 patch for the Gore demo.
The main fixes are for the network code, such as reduced packet sizes, improved packet sizing logic and a packet rate meter.

Alpha Video:

This is how Gore used to look like.

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Gore Test
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